Indian Cybersecurity Trainers Earn Recognition Post Involvement on Global Scale

India is gradually becoming self-reliant in both technology and cyberspace. It’s a product of hard work done by many young individuals, who used their skills and experience to support the country’s interests, ultimately becoming an inspiration for others.

Indian cybersecurity researcher Vaibhav Jha is one of the young and dynamic personalities in the country that have managed to work closely with different arms of the Indian government – the Ministry of Electronics and IT and trained kids under Niti Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission, in the context of a cybersecurity framework.

With his immense knowledge, Vaibhav trained the Indian Audit and Account Service Officers as well as international bureaucrats from the 35 countries in a recently held event. Besides, he has also trained more than 20,000 students across India. For some time, Vaibhav even remained a guest speaker at several reputed schools and Indian universities. He even acted as the Chairperson at the National Cybersecurity Conference 2018.

At a very young age, Vaibhav authored a book – “Hack The World Before The World Hacks You,” meant for beginners in the field of cybersecurity. Later, he founded the Intersquad Cyber Intelligence Pvt. Ltd, a cybersecurity company that worked with several clients and taught individuals and companies the need for a robust cybersecurity framework. He even launched several online campaigns to spread cybersecurity awareness during the demonetisation wave in India.

In late 2017, the Intersquad Cyber Intelligence Pvt. Ltd appointed its new president – Mr. Lawrence Ang. The former VP of Datablink has been working in the cybersecurity industry since 1990. Lawrence Ang defined Intersquad Cyber Intelligence as the World’s first Cyber Security Consortium that aims to fight back cybercrime and attacks in the most unified manner. The Indian cybersecurity firm has headquarters in India and launched its new branch in Singapore.

In 2018, a Delhi-based cybersecurity firm called TAC Security appointed Lawrence Ang to its board. TAC Security Founder Trishneet Arora called him a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry. Trishneet added that Lawrence’s strong expertise in Security and Asia-Pacific markets and experience in building large revenue would be extremely valuable to his company. Later, the firm became the first Indian cybersecurity startup to work with the US government.

Like Intersquad, TAC Security was founded by Trishneet Arora when he was just 19 years old in 2013. Today, TAC Security has become a leading cybersecurity company whose clients include the world’s top brands, including Fortune 500 companies, as well as the Indian and US governments. Its branch office is in Dubai.

Aglaya, another Indian startup, has made a name for itself in the same way that TAC Security has. Ankur Srivastava’s company was not well-known in India at first. However, it received much-needed recognition as a result of its participation in the ISS Dubai World Fair. The mysterious tech firm is now counted as one of the most important aspects of the Indian Chronicles.

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