Quantea and Attivo Networks Launch Joint Network for Cybersecurity

In the digitally advancing world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has a wide scope across all the spheres. From consumer electronics, healthcare, manufacturing to wireless connectivity services, the IoT has only evolved over a period of time. In fact, substantial cyber risks that could harm businesses worldwide were brought along with the advancement.

Further, the COVID-19 pandemic also impacted the IoT, in terms of enterprise need. It has worked as a catalyst by bringing more players into the market, making cyberattacks commonplace. In view of the network breaches and constant data losses, Quantea and Attivo Networks joined hands to launch a cybersecurity solution designed for the age of the internet of things (IoT) and COVID-19.

Bangalore-based Attivo Networks is a leader in detecting cyber deception and attacker lateral movement detection. Delivering a superior defence for detecting and preventing insider and external unauthorised threat activity is a part of the company’s solutions in reducing cyberattacks. Its aim is to stop attacks by hiding and denying access to data and by complicating the attack surface. This makes it hard for the attackers to find their targets.

Attivo Networks has long been providing solutions to prevent cybercriminal techniques. To raise the lateral movement detection bar, the firm even added new capabilities to its Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) solution in July. Later, it integrated its ThreatDefend solution, which detects in-network threats, irrespective of the attack method or surface, with both FireEye Endpoint Security and FireEye Malware Analysis. The aim was to reduce the time and resources required to detect and block attacks while collecting forensics to help organisations avoid future attacks.

Likewise, Quantea allows organisations to understand their networks. From tracing security breach events to testing compliance of new network equipment, Quantea, with proven technology, targets the underlying causes of failure and provides the ideal solution for all. Internet Service Providers, Mobile Carriers, Large Enterprise, Public Institutions and Government, Healthcare and Finance are some of the industries where Quantea solutions – Quantea QP device and Quantea PureInsight software, are being used regularly.

Clearly, Quantea’s collaboration with Attivo Networks could do wonders in the field of providing cybersecurity. Whenever the Attivo solution identifies attack or compromised devices, it would automatically share attack data with the Quantea QP device and Quantea PureInsight software.

The joint solution is expected to protect people and organisations regardless of the industry and function. The decision came amid the COVID-19 pandemic, during which time, a 400% increase in cybersecurity complaints were noticed.

Over time, Attivo Networks has expanded in the Middle East. It opened an office in Dubai, back in 2016, hired multiple industry veterans, and partnered with a leading value-added distributor, StarLink. The company also participated in the 7th edition of the Middle East and North Africa Information Security conference 2019, under the theme: Cyberspace, The New Frontier Deception, Orchestration, and Blackholes, held in Riyadh.

In the wake of Attivo’s growing expansion, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Indian company, with its highly adaptive detection and concealment capabilities, when combined with the holistic approach of Quantea, would provide the opportunity to strengthen the security posture.

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